When ReSkills Global was first founded in December 2020, it only featured a small handful of trainers. In just over a year, this revolutionary edutech company has expanded to over 350 trainers, and now serves over 250,000 learners from 40 different countries.

ReSkills currently provides nine products for its users, each aimed at filling a specific niche in the education market: these are ReSkills OnLive Learning, ReSkills 1 On 1, ReSkills OnDemand (Marketplace), ReSkills On The Go, ReSkills Library, ReSkills OnStage, ReSkills Special, ReSkills Podcast and ReSkills OnFerence. We sat down with CEO Jin Tan to learn more about them.

Q: Tell us about ReSkills Global. How does it stand out in the packed edutech market?

A: ReSkills is a global OnLive(Online+LIVE) learning platform that makes education & learning affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere. We provide learners with a variety of practical and impactful learning services carefully designed to fulfill all their needs and requirements. ReSkills focuses on affordable career learning to complement academic learning, through global coaches in different languages.

Our learning content has global certified micro-certification, and covers a wide spectrum of topics, focusing on the categories of Professional Growth, Career Enhancement & Business Entrepreneurship learning. 

 Q: What inspired you to create this?

A: During the Covid-19 pandemic, me and my team identified a critical gap in the E-Learning industry. In this world where we’re constantly bombarded by information and advertisements, online learners were easily distracted, craved human instruction and were shown to be far more receptive in an interactive, human-led learning environment. Yet, no E-Learning provider was willing to acknowledge this problem.

To fill in this gap in the marketplace, we dreamed of an online learning platform with courses that were live, instructor led and interactive. And that sparked the genesis of ReSkills Global.

Q: How do your company’s products enhance the e-learning experience?

A: With ReSkills OnLive Learning, users get365 days nonstop LIVE LEARNING classes. They gain knowledge from master coaches in real time through interactive live daily online courses. Once a course is completed, users receive a micro certificate certified by three international accreditation bodies.

With ReSkills On The Go, users can learn with convenience, even when they are on the move. The ReSkills Library gives them access to a wide variety of e-books, study notes and learning materials, while ReSkills On Demand lets users choose from a wide variety of classes to create a personalized learning journey.

We also have ReSkills OnStage, which features exclusive sessions with industry leaders and famous personalities, and ReSkills PodCast, where users get to listen to top-quality learning audio content at their own convenience. ReSkills 1 On 1 helps our trainers by offering powerful, personalised mentoring sessions with our experienced coaches, while ReSkills Special, users can have fun while learning with our exclusive campaigns and promotions.

I’m also very excited about ReSkills Onference, which will allow users to engage in dynamic OnLIVE sharing conferences with esteemed leaders and industry experts. I think this will offer an educational experience like no other!

Users can access the platform for FREE(basic access) or can subscribe for our Premium Learning Access. At just a one-off yearly/monthly/weekly subscription fee, Premium Learning Access offers users unlimited Reskills OnLive classes, OnTheGo, Library, Podcast & Special.

Other features such as ReSkills OnDemand, OnStage, OnFerence and 1on1 are subject to “Pay Per Entry” basis and valid for Premium Access only.

Q: What has been the main challenge of running ReSkills so far?

A: The primary challenge we faced in trying to promote ReSkills was the general misconception that all online learning is ineffective, or that physical face to face sessions were more conducive to learning.

In reality, research shows that online, instructor (human) led sessions have virtually no difference in effectiveness when compared to offline face to face sessions. In fact, learners do better when they have the option to review or to repeat the recorded sessions as required for their own understanding and learning.

To address these concerns, we offer trial sessions for learners to experience the impact and effectiveness of our interactive online courses.

Q. On the flipside, what has been the most enjoyable part of managing ReSkills?

A. I love helping people discover their true calling, by exposing them to a wide variety of learning topics at affordable prices. Perhaps, through ReSkills, they will encounter a subject which resonates with their values and experiences. I get excited to think that we may play a part in awakening the next Einstein! Perhaps all they need is a little nudge on the back.

Q. Being at the helm of such a rapidly expanding company must be quite a challenge for you. To you, what are the keys to successful leadership?

A. I think that leaders must remember that they are never alone, and that it is always worth investing resources to build a resilient and agile team. As leaders, we will inevitably encounter gaps in our knowledge or expertise, and we must learn to rely on our team. With mutual trust and respect, strong teams can achieve miracles and overcome the most daunting obstacles. Herb Kelleher once said that it’s a company’s responsibility to look after the employees first. I think there is great wisdom in what he said, because happy employees ensure happy customers, and happy customers ensure happy shareholders.

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