6 Effective Ways To Master Knowledge Gained From ReSkills Classes

With ReSkills, users have access to a whole universe of knowledge. Our experienced coaches are experts and leaders in many areas of life and business, which make this the perfect platform to learn a new skill. Doing this, however, can sometimes be difficult, especially when there is a lot of new information you have to pick up. But there’s no need to struggle: at ReSkills, we believe learning should be a fun experience! Here are six methods that will greatly help you remember new knowledge you’ve gained from this platform.

1. Put Your Knowledge Into Practice

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The best way to remember something you’ve learnt is to use it as much as possible everyday. For example, if you’re learning a language, try to have conversations in it with native speakers. If learning a skill like carpentry or flower arrangement, make something simple and give it to a family member or loved one as a present. If learning a business technique, try to practice it in your office.

You will probably make a few mistakes the first time you practise your new knowledge, and that’s okay. Mistakes are a part of growing, and learning from them is how you master something.

2. Have Group Discussions

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There’s a popular saying: knowledge is the only thing that increases when it is shared. If you can, meet up with your friends or ReSkills classmates, and talk about what you have learnt from your classes. Ask questions, have debates, and engage in role-playing activities.

The best thing about group discussions is being able to look at things from different perspectives. Friends who are good at one area of a subject can show you how to understand it, while you can help others learn more about the areas you excel at. Ultimately, teamwork makes your dreams work.

3. Organize Your Knowledge

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Sometimes, the way your facts are organized can make a big difference in how easily you remember them. After your classes, convert what you’ve learned into mind maps, diagrams or flowcharts. Use different colours when writing different facts, and make your new notes as bright, outstanding and vivid as possible.

Some people are ‘visual learners’, who remember images more than words, and this will greatly help them retain their information.

4. Teach Others

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After you learn something, conduct your own lesson about it to someone who knows nothing about the subject. Encourage him or her to ask questions, and answer as much as possible. This method not only shows you how much you understand something, but also identifies areas you are not sure about.

And who knows, doing this may reveal that you actually enjoy coaching! Maybe in future, you could join ReSkills as a coach.

5. Make It Personal

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We tend to remember things better when they have some significance to us. For example, most people may have difficulty remembering a random string of eight numbers. However, if it is the phone number of a loved one, it becomes easier to remember.

You can use this technique when it comes to absorbing things you’ve learnt. After every class, think about why the information you’ve learnt is relevant to you, and how you are going to use it in your life. Imagine scenarios where you utilise that information. Imagine how you can use it to help yourself, help others, and gain benefits.

Your mind is encouraged to retain these new facts now that it has a personal goal to work towards.

6. The ReSkills Library

The ReSkills Library is a comprehensive database full of educational resources, e-books and learning materials on a huge variety of subjects. It’s a great way of gaining extra knowledge to complement what you’ve learnt in your ReSkills classes.   

And there you have it. Which method would you like to try? Whatever you do, we wish you all the best for your learning journey!

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