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6 Reasons To Start Digitalising Your Business Today

Based on a Webinar by ReSkills Coach Florlynn Dela Pena Can you imagine living without your smart phone? Or without social media? Remember life before online banking, when you had to drive to the bank every time you did a financial transaction? Thank goodness those days are over, right? Today, […]

5 Useful Tips To Beating Your Public Speaking Fears

Speaking is a natural action that usually comes easy to most people. While many folks can happily jabber away with friends for hours, when it comes to speaking in front of an audience, they suddenly freeze up. Public speaking is something everyone has to do at some point. You might […]

5 Common Mistakes Users Make When Trying To Learn New Skills

Learning something new is always very exciting. It seems like there is so much knowledge around you, and so many ways for you to absorb it. New and inexperienced students, however, sometimes make mistakes which negatively affect their learning journey. This is natural and all part of the education process: […]

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