The Global Education ReSkilling Revolution

ReSkilling & Upskilling are urgently needed

Global Education Problems

  • Post Covid-19 pandemic Disrupts Offline Education

  • Inflation further fuel the Rising Cost of Education

  • Conventional academic education Fails to Prepare the youth with the right skillsets

A Global OnLIVE Learning Platform. 

In ReSkills, our mission is to Makes Education Affordable & Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere. 

ReSkills was born from a mission to provide accessible and affordable education to people everywhere. It aims to accomplish this through nine exclusive educational programs, each covering a different medium and aspect of online-learning.

How we empower Global Learning

Impactful & Interactive

ReSkills connects aspiring learners to Master Coaches via interactive, real time online courses.

Our highly experienced trainers teach with a very interactive session to boost your knowledge through case studies, role plays, and other practical exercises.

Affordable & Accessible

Affordable & Accessible education anytime, anywhere.

Reskills based on a Premium subscription model & Freemium model, where users pay a one-off annual subscription fee, available on a yearly, monthly basis or even weekly.

Once subscribe, access to all.

Career & Industry

Career learning complement to academy learning.

As a global destination for online learning, we elevate our users to become thought leaders, experts and inspirations to others.

Industry experts supply academic and practical knowledge &
its relevant specially crafted for today’s business needs.

Creating Sustainable Social Impact.

We are creating sustainable education empowerment.

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We are in action for the Sustainable Development Goals

Ensure Inclusive and equitable quality education & promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.


Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs.


Investments in infrastructure are crucial to achieving sustainable development.

Enter A Wide World of Knowledge

Impactful and transformational learning.  You’ll become thought leaders, experts and inspirations to others. 

ReSkills OnLIVE

365 Days Non-Stop LIVE Learning With Global Coaches
– LIVE & Interactive
– Multi Languages
– Learn from Global Coaches

ReSkills OnTheGo

Learn Anytime, Anywhere
Take ReSkills anywhere you go, and learn at your own convenience

ReSkills Library

Access a wide variety of e-books, e-magazines, study-notes and other learning materials

ReSkills OnStage

Exclusive sessions with industry leaders and famous personalities

ReSkills OnFerence

Engage in dynamic, OnLIVE Sharing conference with esteemed leaders and industry experts

ReSkills 1 on 1

Enjoy effective, personalised learning sessions with our experiences coaches

ReSkills Podcast

Listen to top entertaining top-quality audio content at your own convenience

ReSkills OnDemand

Driver of Quality of Online Learning
Choose from a wide variety of classes to create your personalised learning journey

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Transform others life through guiding! We provide the full solutions you need to teach what you love.