5 Effective Methods To Maximize Learning At ReSkill’s OnLive Classes

One of the best things about ReSkills OnLive Learning is how it gives you access to comprehensive education, available anywhere and anytime.

Learning new information for the first time, however, can sometimes be a little intimidating. Especially if you don’t have very much experience with your class material. But there’s no need to worry. We at ReSkills have prepared 5 handy tips you can follow to get the most out of your experience with our OnLive Learning classes.

1. Create a Dedicated Study Area

The first thing you need to do is create a conducive space for your online learning.  The best kind of place for this is a comfortable area with a strong Internet connection. Try a desk, where you can sit up straight and easily pay attention, and avoid lying down on beds, couches or other places where it is easy to fall asleep.

This study area should be brightly lit, and at a good temperature: studies have shown that between 22 and 25 Celsius is ideal for mental concentration. Also make sure that this area is as quiet as possible, and away from distractions. If you’re attending your ReSkills classes from a library, café, or other public space, use headphones during your class to block out sounds from the rest of the world.

2. Prepare for Your Class Adequately

When you sign up for your online class, make sure to record its time accurately on your calendar. You don’t want to miss a crucial lesson because you forgot a time or mixed up some dates! ReSkills will send you a reminder for your classes, so pay attention to your phone or app!

If possible, try to read up on your study topic before your class. Identify key areas you are interested in or weak at, and consult your helpful coach about them. Also ensure you have all study material easily accessible, as have enough notebooks/test pads to take down notes.

Finally, make sure you get enough sleep the night before your class. Attending a ReSkills class while tired or groggy will negatively affect the amount of information you absorb.

A comfortable working space. Photo: Jeff Sheldon@Unsplash

3. Participate Actively

At ReSkills, you get unparalleled, LIVE, real-time access to coaches. Don’t just sit back in your chair and be don’t be a passive listener: make sure to raise questions and ask for extra help if you need it. Our knowledgeable coaches are more than happy to answer your queries and help you out.

Make sure to participate in every sessions’ assessments and role-playing sessions. These will help you master a new skill from a practical, and not just theoretical level.

4. Create a Community

Try to reach out to your fellow ReSkills learners, and if possible, keep in touch with them after your class. It is always more fun to do anything with friends, and that also applies to OnLive learning! Getting to know other learners can help you in forming study groups, can give you access to networking opportunities in future.

5. Make Sure To Follow Up

Your learning doesn’t stop after your class finishes! After going through your lesson for the first time, take a short break, and then go through your notes or class material again briefly. This helps your memory to retain the facts you’ve just learnt.

Organize your notes into mind-maps, charts or diagrams to help the flow of information. If possible, keep your coaches’ email or contact details so you can follow up on anything you need elaboration on. You can also visit the ReSkills Library, which contains a huge variety of e-books and materials to boost your learning.

Everything is more fun with friends. Photo: Chris Montgomery@Unsplash

We hope these tips will help you gain the best possible learning experience from ReSkills OnLive classes. Wishing you all the best for your educational journey!    

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