The Launch of the Global Reskilling Movement

With the newly formed Global ReSkilling Movement (GRM), anyone can help individuals all around the world empower themselves with education. By supporting this movement, anyone can easily sponsor a person with access to new skills and knowledge, and impact their lives forever.

According to GRM Chief Global Initiator Jin Tan, advances in technology and automation were constantly reshaping the world, with workers continuously needing to acquire new skills to remain competitive in the workforce. The GRM’s mission, therefore, was to create educational opportunities worldwide, and provide individuals, schools and communities with the tools needed for sustainable community development.

“The ability to adapt to new technologies and work environments is becoming increasingly important as the pace of change accelerates. It is a critical component of staying competitive in today’s rapidly evolving job market and a key factor of long-term career success,” said Tan.

“The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that as many as 375 million workers will have to switch occupations or acquire new skills by 2030 due to artificial intelligence and automation. Research from the World Economic Forum also suggests that if the current pace of workforce upskilling doesn’t pick up, it could take decades for future employees to be ready for the future of work.”

GRM Organizing Chairlady Aimi Salma said the increasingly competitive nature of today’s employment landscape meant workers could not solely rely on technical knowledge to thrive in their careers.

“Technical competency is important, but it is not enough for individuals to thrive in their careers. The workplace is constantly changing, and individuals need to be able to learn new skills when necessary,” she said.

“Mastering skill areas such as digital literacy, critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, adaptability, and an entrepreneurial mindset, are necessary for any individual aiming for a position of success in the global marketplace. GRM’s mission is to ensure that the process of self-development is as easy and straightforward for everyone as possible,” added GRM Chairman Dato Azhar Muhammad.

The GRM is built on the foundation of three pillars:

Quality Education: The GRM believes education should incorporate the latest learning trends, promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and encourage lifelong learning. Its mission is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the modern world.

Accessible Learning: The GRM believes that learning opportunities should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial or social status. It aims to provide education designed to meet the needs of underprivileged individuals who may face barriers to learning.

Increasing Jobs and Boosting Economic Growth: The GRM aims to address the skills gap by providing education programs that align with the demands of the modern job market. By doing so, it can bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, promote career learning and innovation, and contribute to economic growth and development.

Its mission is to equip 100 million individuals worldwide with quality education, to help them unlock their full potential and transform their lives for a better future. By providing reskilling and upskilling support, the GRM will work towards creating a powerful global pathway towards sustainable economic growth and a better future, with supported individuals up to 10 times less likely to drop out of work and thrive in their careers.

“With just a small gift of hope, you can transform lives and invest in our future. Together, we can create a more skilled and prosperous society for all,” said Tan.

To learn more on GRM, please visit www.grm.today today.

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