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The Superiority of Soft Skills

In the ongoing debate of hard skills vs. soft skills for career success, it’s time to debunk a common misconception. While hard skills are undoubtedly valuable, it’s the soft skills—the often-overlooked, intangible qualities—that truly stand as the bedrock of a thriving career. Research conducted by esteemed institutions such as Harvard […]

The Launch of the Global Reskilling Movement

With the newly formed Global ReSkilling Movement (GRM), anyone can help individuals all around the world empower themselves with education. By supporting this movement, anyone can easily sponsor a person with access to new skills and knowledge, and impact their lives forever. According to GRM Chief Global Initiator Jin Tan, […]

10 Work from Home Jobs You Can Start with Minimal Budget

The most serious days of the pandemic are fortunately behind us, but there is no denying that COVID-19 has seriously disrupted many aspects of traditional employment. One of its most wide-ranging effects has been the rise in remote working, as companies discovered many jobs could be done from one’s home. […]

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