ReSkills signs historic MoU with Alibaba Cloud

April 20 will forever be remembered in the history of ReSkills EdTech, as it marks the day it successfully entered into a collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group.

The two companies have agreed to collaborate on their mission to create a globally-interconnected, online learning platform, to provide a series of sophisticated, cutting-edge edutech products and solutions. Their mission is to developa conducive and inclusive ecosystem, resulting in more talents in an era of digitalization through advanced cloud technology in the region and beyond.

Both parties have agreed to collaborate on enhancing and developing ReSkill’s existing online learning platforms by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s advanced, robust and secure cloud infrastructure and solutions.

“Alibaba Cloud is committed to accelerating the cloud adoption and digital talent development of our advanced cloud technologies in the region and beyond. By collaborating with proactive market players like ReSkills, we hope to help nurture more talents, wherever they are, who are equipped with knowledge and expertise ranging from cloud-based technology and artificial intelligence to data analytics. Ultimately, we aim to support the digital transformation needs of various businesses across the markets,” said Alibaba Cloud Intelligence General Manager Malaysia Kun Huang.

ReSkills CEO Jin Tan presenting Guest of Honour Majlis Belia Malaysia president Mohd Izzat Afifi bin Haji Abdul Hamid with a token of appreciation.

“We are thrilled to enter this collaboration with Alibaba Cloud. With our combined resources, I believe we can develop an outstanding platform for holistic learning that will undoubtedly add value to the lives of learners worldwide,” said ReSkills EdTech CEO Jin Tan.

Both parties signed the MOU virtually through Zoom on Wednesday April 20. Signing were Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Malaysia General Manager Kun Huang, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Malaysia Head of Marketing & Online Business Yilan Zhuang, ReSkills Edtech CEO Jin Tan and ReSkills CTO Ivan Tan, with Majlis Belia Malaysia president Mohd Izzat Afifi bin Haji Abdul Hamid present as Guest of Honour to witness the event.

Tan praised the quality and sophistication of Alibaba Cloud’s cloud technology infrastructure, which he said had contributed a lot to their product development. Their cooperative efforts had resulted in several technological breakthroughs, and ReSkills hoped to unroll several new features over the next three months.

Participants during the virtual MOU signing.

He added that ReSkills and Alibaba Cloud would also be working closely together to bring more solutions for trainers & coaches to empower more learners around the region.

“We aim to involve as many training providers as possible in our mission, and utilize our new resources to empower them to their optimum potential. Through ReSkills’s new and enhanced online learning ecosystem, they will be able to spread their influence all over the world, encouraging a true global culture of online learning,” said Tan.

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