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5 Common Mistakes Users Make When Trying To Learn New Skills

Learning something new is always very exciting. It seems like there is so much knowledge around you, and so many ways for you to absorb it. New and inexperienced students, however, sometimes make mistakes which negatively affect their learning journey. This is natural and all part of the education process: […]

5 Reasons Why Online Learning is Better Than Traditional Learning

With the ‘social distancing’ of the recent pandemic, many aspects of our lives had to move online. This also applied to education: many of us had to experience online classes and e-learning for the first time. After two years, the pandemic is on its last legs: online learning, however is […]

5 Ways To Improve The Chances Of Getting Your Dream Job

Many ReSkills users use our platform to upskill themselves, or pick up new skills to start off new careers. Some of you will be going for job interviews after this: we wish you all the best! Job interviews can sometimes feel tricky and stressful. With many people applying for the […]

6 Effective Ways To Master Knowledge Gained From ReSkills Classes

With ReSkills, users have access to a whole universe of knowledge. Our experienced coaches are experts and leaders in many areas of life and business, which make this the perfect platform to learn a new skill. Doing this, however, can sometimes be difficult, especially when there is a lot of […]

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