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ReSkills is a subscription-based online learning platform that allows users to access unlimited top quality daily live learning classes, videos, courses, talks, conferences and materials at only USD1/month.


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QLS is part of the Skills and Education Group, a respected organisation dedicated to improving lives via skills-oriented education. It has a long-standing reputation for regulating vocational or skills-based credentials across numerous industries.

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and describes the learning activities professionals engage in to grow and strengthen their abilities. It helps learners become mindful and proactive, not passive and reactive.

iTOL is the first top professional body for UK trainers and HRD professionals. It helps Learning and Development (L&D) professionals develop and deliver quality training and supports their professionalism with globally recognised accreditation.

Our Content is focused on:

 Passed Classes

9 Ways To Future Proof Your Career

Rutika Meshkar

Reveal the Secrets of Powerful English to Closing the Deals


The Power of Story: Leadership in Hero’s Journey


Smart Ways to Work with PDFs that Double Your Productivity

Adri Yanto

Song Writing for Beginners

Timothy Lee

Time Management Techniques


Re-Program Your Mind With 15 NLP Mindsets

Erwin Ang

Public Speaking and Presenting Like a Pro Lawyer

Teacher Kean

Emotional Intelligence At Work

Swati Jain

What our Learners said:

Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Kate Eliza

I have been in ReSkills learning journey for more than a month! It has been very rewarding & exciting.
In ReSkills, I able to learn from up to 400 coaches globally, and also brush up on my hard skills and soft skills. Their OnLive classes cover many relevant topics that have been very useful for my career needs. These classes are also very convenient: I can access them from anywhere!
Attending ReSkills classes has also provided me with prestigious micro certificates!
Thank you ReSkills for making education accessible & affordable to everyone!
One of the best E-learning platform. 💖
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Yen Chin

I have been in ReSkills for 8 months.
Reskills is a very unique platform because we are learning through onLive classes which means I have the chance to interact with the coaches and the coaches are able to respond to my questions on the spot. This platform is also special as it connects all the coaches and learners globally.
I really like the assessment form at the end of the class so that I can test my understanding in order to be qualified for the E-cert. This makes my learning journey more interesting and meaningful.
I feel very grateful to know about this platform. Thank you ReSkills.
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Cindy Seng

I have attended more than 30 classes on ReSkills, and it has benefitted my life greatly. Not only do I enjoy the OnLIVE Classes, but the OnStage sessions are amazing as well. I learned a lot form Chezka and Dato James Foo about their inspiring experience. All in all, ReSkills is a great platform that has helped me a lot in my career and personal life.
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Brayan Soliven Sicangco

I have been in ReSkills for almost 4 months, and it has been a great learning experience.
Even though I’m done with our requirement which is to attend webinars as part of our internship, I kept on using this e-learning platform for my personal and professional growth. All of the coaches are extremely amazing, looking forward for lot of classes to attend, wishing to discover about important things and to meet coaches with varying levels of knowledge and expertise.
You can join classes with various topics. Topics to offer such as communication, personal & professional development, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, leadership and many more. I hope that you will continue to give us with valuable expertise and information. Also it’s a nice idea that you add assessment after the discussion so that we can determine if we learned something from the class.
Thank You Reskills.
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Jenny Bayani

Students and professionals alike should take this reskill course. This is the first time I’ve seen an app that lets me and other students who need a certificate access an online class all at once. Each topic is very important to me because I can use what I learn from local and international coaches in my everyday life.


to Mr. Jin Tan for making this great platform available to people all over the world, and also to the reskills team for updating the features of reskills. I hope this platform stays around for a long time so it can help more students and professionals.

Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Gary Liew

I used to think online learning is boring, but the live learning feature in ReSkills changed my mind. I like that the classes are very interactive, and coaches can answer my questions on the spot. There are a lot of professional courses that I can take, and I also like to learn about lifestyle topics like language classes and personal finances. 
The best thing about this is that I don’t need to pay for each class, I can just subscribe with one fee to learn as much as I like. Every week, I can take 2 to 3 classes and get certificates, which is very helpful for me and my career.
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Nicole Gomez

I have been in ReSkills learning journey for (3) months! It has been very rewarding & exciting.
their OnLive course covers many important topics that are invaluable to the needs of my career. These courses are also very helpful. You can access it from anywhere. This is the best app to improve your skills and shape your personality. ReSkills is the only organization that manages each individual’s overall professional and personal growth individually. We hope that ReSkills will always be a source of blessings for everyone’s lives. I really like this app. Because it helps me learn a lot and enjoys using it. I’m very lucky to have found it! I started a class and it’s a lot of fun.
– Much recommended platform because they have a wide range of classes for individuals who are serious about learning. With ReSkills, I can learn anytime, anyplace, and everywhere because everything is done online! Thankyou reskills!
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Lizelle Galsim

I have been in ReSkills learning venture for almost 7 months! It has been extremely fulfilling and energizing.
ReSkills is a learning platform internationally w/ global coaches and its enjoyable session and interactive classes. Their OnLive classes cover numerous significant points that have been exceptionally helpful for my profession needs. Reskills experienced me a great opportunity to share and help learners for their studies. Joining at reskills makes me a better person and applied all the knowledge that I gained for my everyday live.
Attending to ReSkills classes has likewise given me esteemed miniature endorsements that have been licensed by worldwide bodies. These have been significant!
Thank you so much ReSkills for making instruction available and affordable to everybody!
I highly recommend this app 100% you will learn a lot and best E-learning Platform 😊

Melgielene Ordoño

This is usefully every day in my study. and wanted to learn and learn more .. Thank you to the person who introduced this to me 😊😊😊 I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS APP 💯Reskills App is a platform that you can access anytime, anywhere. Its Very unique to have this app bacause its helps you to gain more knowledge, that you need to know based on reality. To improve your career development , professional growth and entreprenueship. This is so amazing because from this app I Also gaining knowlegde from the other country.
Couches are very excellence when it comes to disccusessing about there topic and they are Very intouch with their participants. The flow of the programs are very well organize from the begining up to the end.
Thank you Couches and RESKILLS for your Excellent service 😊😊😊.
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Preciousmea Yanson Balcena

I highly recommend this app for I gain knowledge about it and it helps me improve myself by attending OnLive Classes in Reskills
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Alex Lim

ReSkills is the best way for me to learn since the pandemic started. I wanted to learn more digital marketing skills to get a better job, and this app helped me get the knowledge and certificates I need to do so. Thank you ReSkills, I will keep learning and recommend it to my friends.
Online platform offers certified e-learning courses with certificates.

Wilma Lyn

Hi, my name is Wilma Lyn Espiña Estigoy from Laoang Nothern Samar, Philippines. I’m working as Licensed Professional Teacher but working in a National Hospital in Las Piñas City under Department of Health.
I’ve attended a few OnLIVE Classes. These classes have helped me increase productivity and performance and taught me more skills I can use outside and in other important matters. I Now can see the essence of asking for advice. There are so many benefits to improving ideas and being flexible which i can also use in most of my dealings in life.
I like the OnStage feature here, coaches are sharing their Real Life Experiences. Especially the class: Turning your Circumstances to power by Ms Chezka. The important thing that I have learned through the class I’ve attended in the OnStage is how to turn my circumstances into power.
The valuable lesson Ms Chezka Ms Chezka has taught us is that no matter what happens, we should never give up. And that God will always provide. He will not leave us, even in the darkest days of our lives. When there are storms, there will always be sunshine. When there is pain, there is hope, And in every struggle, There is power. When There is dark, there is light.