Entitle for ReSkills Learn & Win Lucky Draw Contest while attending the Daily OnLIVE Classes! 

“The more you attend the higher chances you get!”

Wow! Now you can Learn & Win with ReSkills! We are giving out a total cash prize of USD5,000!
100 lucky winners will be randomly picked from all entries.

As a ReSkills Learners, you are entitled to win the cash prize when you completely attend every ReSkills OnLIVE Classes.

How can I attend this campaign?

By attending this campaign, you must:-

1. Register any OnLIVE Classes within September 2021. Remember the more, the merrier.
2. Attend the FULL OnLIVE Class that you registered for.
3. Once completed 1 OnLIVE Class, system will grant 1 entry to your ReSkills account.
4. Every ReSkills account can obtain more than 1 entry and the maximum of entries depends on the OnLIVE Classes that are available in September 2021.

It is so simple to Learn & Win with ReSkills!

If you are ReSkills Learners, wait no more & register ReSkills OnLIVE Classes now! The more you attend, the highest chances you win!

If you are not ReSkills Learners, grab the chance to create your Learning Account now with ReSkills!

ReSkills, Be the Inspiration, High Impact & Interactive Courses!

Terms & Conditions

1) Participants need to attend a full OnLIVE Class to be entitled one (1) entry. Participants can earn more than one (1) entry during the campaign and the maximum of entries depends on the OnLIVE Classes that are available in the month of September.

2) Only participants that are qualified by ReSkills have the chance to participate in this Campaign.

3) All the entries will be detected by ReSkills back-end tracking system.

4) During this event, that the lucky winners fail to comply with any terms and conditions of this Campaign, ReSkills reserves the right to forfeit the Cash Prize, or to select another winner.

5) The cash prize cannot be claimed by any third party, even though the lucky winner gives permission to do so.

6) Lucky winners will be contacted ONLY by ReSkills through telephone calls or any other communication channels, including but not limited to WhatsApp or SMS, for any purposes related to the Campaign.

7) ReSkills has the right to make any changes of the rules while the Campaign is ongoing.

8) ReSkills has the right to make any final decisions during the whole Campaign.

9) Winners will be announced on the 10th of October 2021 via ReSkills 10.10 Special

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