ReSkills 2.2 Special
Buddy 2 Buddy Campaign
“Two Is Better Than One”

Win CASH prizes from attending OnLive classes!

Get in a team of two and participate in our Buddy 2 Buddy Campaign!
The more ReSkills OnLIVE Classes certificates earned by your team during the contest period, the higher your chances of winning!


Champion: $300
1st Runner-Up: $200
2nd Runner-Up: $150
4th – 10th place: $80
11th – 20th place: $50

Simple Guide to Participate!

*At least one team member MUST be a NEW ReSkills User*

Step 1: Invite a friend to be your buddy in this campaign.
Step 2: Buddy has to be a NEW ReSkills USER.
Step 3: Download ReSkills App and Sign up for an account with ReSkills promo code.
New users can use the code (RSSB2B) & unlock 3 months of complimentary ReSkills access!
Step 4: Choose a team leader and fill up the details in the form:-
Step 5: Choose preferred OnLIVE classes and attend.
Step 6: Learn during the classes and earn as many certificates as you can.
Step 7: Team which earn the highest number of certificates during
                (2 Feb 2022 – 28 Feb 2022) will win the competition!

Rules & Regulations:

1. At least one team member MUST be a NEW ReSkills User registered in February 2022. Each team must earn a minimum of 20 certificates combined to be in the running to win.

2. Contest Winners will be announced at ReSkills’s Virtual Event in March. New ReSkills users are entitled to 3 Months Complimentary Premium ReSkills learning access by using the code (RSSB2B).

3. Leaders of winning teams will be notified by ReSkills through email. Each team leader should reply with their team member details within 3 DAYS to claim their prize. Please allow for 14 working days for prize payment to be made.

4. Kindly update to the latest version of the ReSkills app to participate. Each user is only allowed one entry per Contest. Participants found cheating (eg, creating shell ReSkills account to take part) will be disqualified immediately.

5. Teams will not have to present their certificates for this competition as all certificates will be recorded and counted by ReSkills’s system.

6. Any communication will be conducted solely between ReSkills & Team Leaders.

– Items/ Prizes must be taken as they are and are strictly not refundable or exchangeable for other items, or extendable in validity. The management reserves the right to replace items/ prizes with items of similar value.

– The Organiser reserves the right to remove, in its sole and absolute discretion, any submission deemed inappropriate or that is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Contest.

– In the event of any dispute, the selection of winner(s) will be subject to the sole discretion and final decision of the Organiser. The Organiser’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

Campaign Dateline:
02/02/2022 – 28/02/2022


Cash Prize

Champion: $300
1st Runner-Up: $200
2nd Runner-Up: $150
4th – 10th place: $80
11th – 20th place: $50

Shortcuts To Join:

1. Fill up team details in the form below.

Registration Form

2. Attend OnLIVE Classes.

3. Your team must acquire at least 20 certificates to qualify for this contest.

4. Users who earn the highest number of certificates will win the competition.