What is QLS?

The Quality Licence Scheme (QLS) is a part of the Skills and Education Group, which is a prestigious organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people through premium, skills-oriented education. It has a long-established reputation for regulating vocational or skills-based qualifications across multiple industries.

How does a QLS accreditation benefit you?

QLS provides endorsements to institutions that they recognise as providers of  high-quality education. In today’s education market, there are many unregulated courses conducted by instructors without proper qualifications. If you want to ensure that you’re spending your time and money on actual quality classes, it’s best to search for a regulated provider.
ReSkills is accredited by the Quality Licence Scheme, as well as by The CPD Certification Service and the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning. This means that our platform is regulated by 3 professional bodies, ensuring that the certificates issued by us can be recognised and accepted worldwide. When you learn with ReSkills, you can be assured that the courses you attend are compliant with international regulatory standards.  

How can you obtain a QLS-accredited certificate?

All our OnLIVE micro-certificates are accredited by QLS. You can find out more about our micro-certificates here.

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